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Dining Dynasties

Dining dynasties SaleOwning a growing restaurant is hard work. An aspiring restaurant entrepreneur must make wise decisions to manage day-to-day operations and keep loyal customers happy, while always innovating to draw new customers through the door. But beware, competition is fierce as other restaurateurs are also looking to build their own reputations and secure their own loyal customers.

In Dining Dynasties, each player must work to draw in business, find loyal customers and create exciting new dishes! Players manage all aspects of their restaurant in a fast paced competition with their rivals to offer the finest cuisine and carve out a share of the ever changing customer base. To do this, players must build and maintain a hand of cards to create a unique business plan of options. Players may focus on marketing to advertise for new customers and seek out unique sales opportunities, improve the mood of the restaurant by building a professional staff and improving restaurant décor, or a combination of all. Yet another option is to invest in the menu and seek to claim the title of finest cuisine among the competitors! A unique meta-game within each game round has players strategically playing menu cards to vie for the title of finest cuisine, which may provide an immediate valuable customer bonus.

Dining Dynasties also allows players to increase the restaurant size. Do you want a small gourmet bistro or a huge dining establishment? The options are yours to choose, with each new room tile providing new worker placement opportunities to further your restaurant goals. But be cautious, expanding at the wrong time can take a toll on your available cash.

Over the course of nine rounds, players strive to build the most valuable restaurant by earning reputation, increasing sales and building infrastructure. The player who chooses the most effective business plan, and best mitigates the ups and downs of the market, will emerge the winner.

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